Career Highlights:

Select Writing, Published & Unpublished:




  • Full-Length Feature Film Screenplay. The Vanquished. (2015/2018). Like the British and Russians, we’ll bury them…


  • Novel 1, Complete. In Search of Earth. (2015/2017). I still remember the change, how it felt in my bones, the moment when the warm midsummer night air lost its romance, transforming from friend to foe …


  • To be published.

Short Stories:

  • To be published.

Academic Writing:

  • Online comment influence on journalism practices through gatekeeping theory lens; in development; co-authorship; Colorado State University-hosted research project. (2019).

  • Online comment influence on journalism practices through field theory lens; in development; co-authorship; Colorado State University-hosted research project. (2019).


Public Relations/Marketing:

Ph.D. Dissertation:

  • Work-in-progress. Machine/algorithmic influence on human information gathering/processing, including reality perception. Internet+Big Data+Society+Individual. (2018-Present).

Public Speaking/Research Presentations:

  • 2019, (August), Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Conference, Toronto, Canada: 3 research papers, journalism practices in U.S.

  • 2019, (May), International Communication Association Conference, Washington D.C.: Journalistic Practices in China.

  • 2019 (April), Western Social Science Association Conference, San Diego, California: Political Rhetoric on Twitter.

  • 2018, Communication University of China and National Communication Association International Conference, Beijing, China: Political Expression-Communication, New Media. 

  • 2018, China Radio International: On Visiting Beijing

  • 2018, Western Social Science Association Conference, San Antonio, Texas: Political Expression-Communication, New Media. 

  • 2018, New York University, Virtual Forum-Presentation: Entrepreneurs and the Digital Economy. 

  • 2016, Writing the Rockies Conference at Western State Colorado University, Gunnison, Colorado: Author/Book Marketing.

  • 2016, Lighthouse Writers Workshop Lit Fest, Denver, Colorado: Poetry Reading.

Career Overview:

Stephen J. McConnell is an award-winning writer, former investigative news reporter, founder of Denver, Colorado-based content development/online marketing company Guiding Type, and former director of marketing and content for Golden, Colorado-based Conundrum Press. Stephen’s career in writing, marketing, content development, and online marketing has run the gamut from tweets to white papers to novels to poetry to screenplays and everything in between. His more than 2,000 articles, stories, blogs and other writings have appeared in numerous publications throughout the U.S. and internationally.

He was the publisher of an environmental news website that reached an international audience. He earned a master’s degree from New York University in writing in 2016 and a bachelor’s degree from Radford University in English in 2005. In 2016, he published an eBook on creative writing, In Search of You. Creative Writing: Journey, Style, Method. He has ghostwritten columns for organizations that were published in outlets with a national reach. He has also developed social marketing, digital marketing and content strategies for businesses to increase their revenue and project their brands to a wider audience.

Following these careers in journalism, marketing, and public relations, Stephen joined Colorado State University in 2017 to study Public Communication and Technology as part of his Ph.D. pursuit. His research interests include exploring how new communicative technologies are reshaping our culture, knowledge, perceptions, and information systems; propaganda (examining elite mainstream media propaganda and fake news); and algorithms, particularly personalization of news/information, and their effect on individual and collective cognition. He is also an instructor at the university’s Department of Journalism and Media Communication, teaching newswriting and professional writing. 

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