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Professional Writing


  • Developed in collaboration with Rock the Earth, a Colorado-based environmental organization.

Forget Star Wars; Get Ready for Water Wars. "A great war looms, one that will rise from the most desperate circumstance: our battle over water." Published,  1/20/2016, Huffington Post. Full article

Bees, Foxes and Hens: EPA's Failure to Protect Our Food Supply. "You would think by now that science would halt the use of chemicals that can threaten life on this planet. " Published, 10/9/15, Huffington Post. Full article.

Give Us the Whole Truth About Fracking. "The facts are slippery when it comes to the great fracking debate in America, where truth, lies, and spin often collide and end up leaving us confused and dizzy." Published, 8/25/15, Huffington Post. Full article

Climate Change and the True Wealth of Nature and Prosperity. "The world we live in today will not be the world we hand off to future generations." Published, 5/19/15, Huffington Post. Full article.

Bridging the Energy vs. Environment Divide: Colorado's Roan Plateau Case Study. "Can we work together to preserve our nation's bio diverse and increasingly threatened wilderness, and still extract the energy we need to power our economy?" Published, 12/3/14, Huffington Post. Full Article.

Where Profits Aren't Enough. "In developing this commentary on corporate responsibility, I kept thinking about a statement made by one of the most influential CEOs in America." Published, 5/29/14, Huffington Post. Full Article.

Living in a Plastic World. "Grab-and-go, 24-hour quick marts, fast food on the fly, snap open a beverage to quench your thirst in seconds." Published, 4/10/14, Huffington Post. Full Article

Paradise Lost: Why Our Desire to Protect U.S. Wilderness Should Not Cease. "An old black and white photograph came to mind recently when I had a moment to think about the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, ironically on a gridlocked highway that offers breathtaking views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains." Published, 2/25/14. Huffington Post. Full Article

Tipping the Scales in Our Favor: Carbon Divest/Renewable Invest. "Let’s be honest: We all know why the U.S. Congress won’t pass comprehensive climate change legislation or enact a regulatory framework that accelerates America’s transition to a clean energy economy." Published, 7/10/15, Huffington Post. Full Article.


 Blogs/Website Content:

  • Developed for CM Fusion, a Missouri-based construction management software company.

The Pitfalls of Email During Construction Project Management. "Email  You can’t live with it and you can’t live without it. But maybe you can live without it — at least when it comes to your construction project." Published, 3/23/15. Full Article

Why Mobile is Critical in Construction Project Management. "Construction project managers are turning to mobile technology in greater numbers because it is, quite simply, making their jobs easier." Published, 5/26/15. Full Article

Thinking of Retirement? Consider Your Options First. "The federal workforce is bracing for a bit of upheaval as more workers approach retirement eligibility." Published, 4/13/15. Full Article

Your Federal Government Annuity: Your Questions, Answered. "Retirement is not an easy decision, especially if you work for the federal government." Published, 3/30/15. Full Article

  • Developed for Guiding Type, a Colorado-based content development company.

Royal Marketing Concepts: Content Still King. "A few weeks ago, someone called us royalty. We were flattered. And may have spent the rest of the afternoon speaking with British accents." Published, 1/5/2016. Full Article.

Three Keys to Writing Effectively for Digital Media. "Digital media allows us to publish anything we want, whenever we want. But that doesn’t mean it will be read. Writing alone will not persuade a reader to engage with your company." Published, 1/11/2016. Full Article.

To Be Precise Is To Write Well. "It did not take many words for Ernest Hemingway to let the world know he had one more fight left in him." Published, 12/2015. Full Article.

Fear, Loathing, And Rhetoric: To Write With Beauty Or Say Nothing At All. "We are awash in an endless sea of rhetoric. Words telling us what we should do, how we should behave, how we should think, and what we should buy surround us, a deluge of facts, opinions, and absurdities that we’ve come so accustomed to sifting through that we almost always automatically filter it out." Published, 3/2016. Full Article.

How To Demystify the Google Beast: Why Brand and Content Matters, A Simple Approach. "First, let’s demystify Google and try our best to squash all the buzz words you hear associated with the search beast. These words — brand authority, click-through rate, social media signals — confuse more so than inform especially on a topic that doesn’t need any more mystification than we are already subjected to." Published, 3/2016. Full Article.


White Papers:

Rocky Mountain Forests at Risk: Confronting Climate-driven Impacts from Insects, Wildfires, Heat, and Drought. "Americans revere the Rocky Mountains for their aesthetic, environmental, and economic value." Published, 9/2014. Complete White Paper (.pdf)

  • Researched, wrote, and designed layout for white paper for Guiding Type examining how the wine industry can leverage social media to improve sales.

From Vine to Viral: Why Small Wineries Must Utilize Digital Media to Reach the Millennial Generation. "The U.S. wine market is in the midst of a radical departure from its traditional approaches to reaching wine consumers." Published, 12/2015. Complete White Paper (.pdf)  


Professional Reports/Academic Literature:

  • Professional report that provides solutions to rescue the discipline of English from crisis and potential demise.

Crisis Averted: The Integration of Professional Communication and English Studies. The jazz-inspired prose of Jack Kerouac may unconsciously inspire an inventive tagline for a multinational promotional campaign. The word choices Hemingway made to depict Paris in 'A Moveable Feast' could inform a professional communicator searching for words to describe their city or community within the visual and rhetorical framework of a website." Published, 11/2014. Complete Report (.pdf)

  • Master's thesis for New York University exploring the impact of Twitter in U.S. presidential politics, particularly the 2016 campaign.

Twitter and the 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign: A Rhetorical Analysis of Tweets and Media Coverage. "The unfettered dissemination of political rhetoric by politicians and the media through Twitter has far-reaching implications, beneficial and adverse. However, it is challenging to determine the truth or falsity of that rhetoric. This thesis presents a new model to subject tweets to empirical truth verification. That model is applied to a corpus of tweets posted on the Twitter accounts of four candidates in the 2016 U.S. presidential race." Published, 12/21/2015. Complete Thesis.


Startup Pitch Proposal | Author/Band Media Kit

  • Wrote proposal copy for Tips 4 Tuesdays, a Colorado-based charity startup.

Tips 4 Tuesdays Proposal. "Oseola McCarty was born broke, but died rich because she gave the gift of life. During her nearly 86 years washing and ironing clothes in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Ms. McCarthy put aside what many of us would say amounted to insignificant deposits – placing a few extra dollars from time to time into her savings account. Created, 2014. Proposal.

  • Wrote and designed author media kit for Conundrum Press, a Colorado-based book publisher. 

Conundrum Press Media Kit. Benjamin Dancer is the author of the literary thriller Patriarch Run, the first book in a series that will include Fidelity and The Story of the Boy. Media Kit.

The Patient Zeros Media Kit. The Patient Zeros are a Colorado-based band from the U.S. Midwest. Media Kit.


Press Releases:

Texas company unveils new marketing strategy, "Capital Keystone Group is launching a major rebranding and marketing initiative this month to strengthen its connection with U.S. government workers who need help understanding their employment benefits and charting a secure financial future." Published, 2014. Press Release.

  • Developed for Rock the Earth, a Colorado-based environmental organization.

Landmark Settlement Protects Colorado Roan Plateau, "A landmark settlement following years of litigation will restrict natural gas development and protect a wealth of natural resources on the Roan Plateau, a rugged and remote backcountry located in northwestern Colorado." Published, 11/2014. Press Release.

Denver Preschool Program Students Excel on 2014 State Assessment Test, "An analysis of the scores of third-grade students on Colorado’s standardized assessment test in 2014 has validated for the second consecutive year the importance of preschool education and Denver Preschool Program’s initiatives." Created, 2/15. Press Release.

Author Examines Wealth in Our Society and How It Divides Us from Our Communities and the Poor.  "Derek W. Engdahl’s book The Great Chasm: How to Stop Our Wealth from Separating Us from the Poor and God invites us on a journey through wealth and poverty, through the middle-class communities of America to the slums of the impoverished throughout the world, a journey that asks us to reexamine wealth and how it is affecting our relationship with our faith and our community." Created, 7/2015. Press Release.

New Book Examines the Challenges and Triumphs of Ministry among the Urban Poor. "T. Aaron Smith’s new book, Thriving in the City: A Guide for Sustainable Incarnational Ministry Among the Urban Poor, is a journey into the heart of poverty and urban ministry. Through his own experiences living and ministering in squatter settlements in Asia, Smith reveals the challenges, triumphs, and complexities of urban poor ministry." Created, 12/15. Press Release.

Study Reveals Pervasive Wage and Related Poverty Issues in Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties. Nearly half of the households in Lackawanna and Luzerne counties do not earn enough income to provide for all their basic needs and they will also likely fall short of securing a modest and dignified life for their children. Created 4/2016, Press Release. Media Coverage 1. Media Coverage 2. Web Version.

  • Wrote copy and designed layout for Conundrum Press, a Colorado-based book publisher. 

Population Media Center and Colorado Publisher Form Partnership. Conundrum Press and Population Media Center (PMC) announce they will be partnering to share PMC’s message about the progressive solutions to global overpopulation with the October 2016 release of Benjamin Dancer’s Patriarch Run. Press Release.

A Journey Into the Wilds of Peru. Join Eugene Buchanan, author of Brothers on the Bashkaus, in his latest tale of travel and adventure. This time he is in South America with a team of Polish explorers on a first descent down the Cruz del Condor section of Peru’s Colca Canyon, the deepest gorge in the world. Press Release

Poetry Collection Brings to Life the Lost Voices of Asian Immigrants. Teow Lim Goh’s debut poetry collection Islanders has received heaps of praise and attention from numerous publications prior to the book’s official release July 12, 2016. Press Release


Website Copy:

  • Developed for WDI, a Mumbai, India-based web and app development company.

WDI. Created new web copy, taglines, and honed brand messaging. Published, 2014. Website

  • Developed for Rock the Earth, a Colorado-based environmental organization.

Rock the Earth. Edited website copy and provided recommendations to hone messaging. Published, 2015. Website 

  • Developed for Authentrip, a Colorado-based trip planning website.

Authentrip. Edited and refined content for soon to be published U.S. travel website. Prototype Website.

Servant Partners Press. Wrote copy, provided copy/brand consultation, and created and designed website using Squarespace platform. Published, 2015. Website.

  • Developed for Guiding Type, a Colorado-based content development company.

Guiding Type. Created new web copy and taglines and honed brand messaging; developed site using Squarespace. Published, 2015. Website



Scranton Professor/Alumnus Awarded Fulbright U.S. Scholar GrantUniversity of Scranton professor Michael J. Jenkins, Ph.D., is headed to London where he will go on the beat with the city’s Metropolitan Police Service to study how they police their communities and maintain order. Story

Five University of Scranton students have been awarded Fulbright grants, the esteemed merit-based scholarships, enabling them to spend a year conducting research or teaching abroad during the 2016-2017 academic year. Since 1972, a total of 155 University students have been awarded grants in the competition that includes Fulbrights, administered by the Institute of International Education. Story



  • Developed and published during my career in newspaper journalism.

The changing of the guards: Bay Minette, election night, "Nearly five years later, the specter of the 2002 Alabama gubernatorial election lives on." Published, 7/2007. Full Article

Scranton’s burgeoning Indian community putting down roots and sharing culture, "The chanting of a Hindu prayer could be heard faintly on the streets of Petersburg Corners in Scranton." Published, 9/13. Full Article

Gas driller cited for violation after environmentalist takes photos, "A state investigation sparked by a local environmentalist who rented an airplane to gather photographic evidence has revealed an unreported contaminate release at a natural gas drilling site in Wayne County." Published, 12/09. Full Article.

Violence at federal prison in Wayne County nothing new, some blame staffing levels, "Over the past six months, there have been at least seven violent altercations involving weapons at the federal prison in Wayne County, including two in which inmates attacked prison staff." Published, 3/13.Full Article

Mystery of Bethany Bones still unresolved, "She was laid to rest in late summer in an old cemetery along the banks of Dyberry Creek." Published, 11/11. Full Article

Wealth denied, "Standing on a hilltop above his Wayne County cattle farm, Bob Rutledge surveys rolling hills and a sea of green grass." Published, 6/13. Full Article

Carbondale man struggles to rebuild charred family home before judicial sale, "With a hammer and crowbar, Joe Cron puts his back into pulling a dream from the ashes of his worst nightmare." Published, 3/12. Full Article.

Two years later, some normalcy returns to river communities, "Bob Ell built his dream cottage in Exeter Twp. because of the Susquehanna River that usually snakes silently along a bend through this rural Wyoming County community." Published, 9/13. Full Article

Small town, big pay: Honesdale code officer draws more than $800,000 in seven years, "Honesdale's full-time zoning and code enforcement officer raked in $804,277 in the past seven years, a Sunday Times review of public records found." Published, 12/10. Full Article

Point, click, arrest, "Local law enforcement and the courts are turning to social media to help get inside the minds of criminals. While old-school detective work is not fading away, investigators can now scour a vast storehouse of information about people, often without their knowledge, because of the wide use of popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter." Published, 4/13. Full Article.

Blaze rips through Dickson City home; 'I don't know where we are going to live,' victim says, "Sherri Branch had hoped to unwrap presents with her daughter Claudia on Christmas Day." Published, 12/11. Full Article



  • Developed for Guiding Type, a Colorado-based content development company.

Professional Communication: Hiring and Employment Trends. Created, 2014. Full Presentation



Servant Partners Press. Created website using Squarespace platform. Published, 2015. Website.

Designed site layout, built wireframes, developed information architecture, created graphics, optimized for search (earning page one rankings), monitored site traffic with Google Analytics, implemented custom CSS and HTML code.

  • Developed for Guiding Type, a Colorado-based content development company.

Guiding Type. Created website using Squarespace platform. Published, 2015. Website.

Designed site layout, developed information architecture, created graphics, optimized for search (earning page two and three rankings), monitored site traffic with Google Analytics, implemented custom CSS and HTML code.

Portfolio Site. Designed and launched additional business portfolio website using Squarespace. Published, 2015. Website

Tips 4 Tuesdays. Created and launched WordPress site. Published, 2014. Demo Site.

Tips 4 Tuesdays. Designed and launched Squarespace site. Published, 2016. Website. (In Development). 

  • Developed for Climate Times, a Florida-based niche environmental publication

Climate Times. Developed site and content management platform using Drupal; curated and wrote content. Published, 2013. (Ceased publication in 2014).

A Simpler Faith. Created, designed, and launched custom WordPress site. Published, 2016. Website

Conundrum Press. Revamped existing Wordpress website; improved information architecture, design, and usability. Published, 2016. Website

  • Developed for Oyster Optics, a Florida-based fiber optic technology company.

Oyster Optics. Created, designed, and launched Squarespace site to replace outdated site; improved information architecture, design, and usability. Published, 2016. Website.

The Patient Zeros. Refined existing design and information architecture for desktop, tablet, and mobile interfaces; wrote new site copy, including media kit; launched site. Published, 2016. Website.

Patriarch Run. Provided guidance and direction, assisting writer's efforts in launching a new Squarespace site to replace an existing site. Published, 2016. Website.

Comrades on the Colca. Created, designed, and launched Squarespace site. Website.

  • Developed for author/professor/director of state university creative writing program

David J. Rothman. Created, designed, and launched Squarespace site. Website. 

Social | Digital Media Strategies | PR | Media Relations


Servant Partners Press. Created comprehensive digital and social media brand projection strategy for new startup press as part of multipronged content development and marketing consultation initiative. 2015-2016. Partial Strategy Guide.

  1. Created guidelines on how to write effective blog and social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).
  2. Built custom Squarespace website to enhance initiative and refine brand messaging
  3. Developed Google Adwords campaign to drive traffic to site
  4. Optimized site for search, earning page one rankings for a number of broad and specific keywords
  5. Created strategy to leverage staff to promote press through traditional and digital marketing techniques
  6. Designed wireframes for website and provided other visual design advice, including website design and creating infographics
  7. Created a number of custom graphics
  8. Provided guidelines on how to manage/work with SEO, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console
  9. Wrote copy and consulted client on how to write effective promotional copy
  10. Provided comprehensive traditional marketing strategy and created related collateral
  11. Wrote copy for a number of press releases and designed press release template
  12. Launched blog to enhance SEO and expand brand messaging beyond "core" website marketing material
  13. Created documentation to help organization develop podcasts and videos
  14. Developed "review" guidelines for Goodreads and Amazon to enhance author credibility
  15. Created strategy to query bloggers, publishers, and media to expand beyond core audience
  • Developed for Rock the Earth, a Colorado-based environmental organization.

Rock the Earth. Provided digital and social media consultation and created multimedia campaigns. 2014-2016.

  1. Created integrated multimedia campaign and content (video, press release, native ad, social media) for a promotional campaign that announced a major victory for the organization
  2. Wrote a series of columns that attracted a national audience to the organization; published in The Huffington Post.
  3. Edited website copy to refine digital messaging
  4. Developed a digital outreach strategy targeting corporate donors 

Rocky Mountain Climate Organization. Created guidelines and recommendations to improve digital and social media strategies, as well as media relations. 2014.

  • Developed for The Sandwich Board and The Souper Deli, a Colorado-based deli chain

Sandwich Board/Souper Deli. Developed social media strategy and social media employee manual to improve sales and expand/retain audience. Launched basic WordPress sites to support initiative. 2014. Strategy | Manual

The Blue Cry Band. Created social, digital, and traditional media marketing plan. 2012. Band's Website.

  • Developed for Tips 4 Tuesdays, a Colorado-based charity startup.

Tips 4 Tuesdays. As acting director, developed comprehensive business plan to quickly transform from startup to nonprofit charity; assigned key duties and tasks; and created promotional and marketing materials, including website and investment proposal. 2014. Demo Website.

  • Developed for Nationwide Security franchise in Colorado

Nationwide Security, Denver metro franchise. Developed social and digital media strategy (including SEO and Google Adwords campaigns). 2014.

  • Developed for Authentrip, a Colorado-based tripfinder venture

Authentrip. Recommended website information architecture/interface changes; developed early stage social and digital marketing strategy; improved databases, internal search functionality, and SEO. 2015-2016.

Conundrum Press. Developed comprehensive social, digital and media relations campaigns, among other responsibilities. 2016.

  1. Managed writers and five interns; coached team in order to meet objectives
  2. Developed comprehensive marketing strategies for press and authors
  3. Curated press website; developed email and website promotional campaigns
  4. Wrote and designed press releases and media kits for press and authors
  5. Handled media and public relations
  6. Organized author readings at private venues; promoted events
  7. Created custom media relations strategies for authors; interview coaching

Note: Because of non-disclosure agreements, I cannot disclose other work I have done. However, I have developed additional digital and print marketing materials for businesses and organizations including eblasts, company profiles, proposals/grants, annual reports, brochures, and videos.