Here you will find short descriptions of my creative works, which represent my belief in challenging oneself through the exploration and execution of other types of writing. That challenge and journey, no matter how long the path may be, reaps profound rewards because it enhances all other forms of writing the writer takes on. These types of storytelling are technically and imaginatively demanding. 

If you are interested in any of these works, please visit my about page where you will find contact information. I am seeking representation for the novel and screenplay.


  • In Search of Earth. A story of love and loss, of triumph and tragedy, in which the rules we live by and the worlds and love we nurture are instantly shattered.  Completed,  2017.


  • The Vanquished. A story based in Afghanistan and a small town in America involving a U.S. Army Sergeant's terrible decision overseas and the consequences he faces at home because of that decision. Completed, 2016.


  • Thoughts on Writing. Essays on the art and craft of writing. Completed/Published, 2016. Purchase eBook Copy.

Short Story Collection

  • Untitled: Short Story Collection. In development, reflections on contemporary themes (particularly tech, U.S. malaise). In progress.


  • Irreverent Folly. A collection of poetry that is a meditation and reflection on 21st-century America through the mosaic of poetic language. The work explores how the rise of technology and other sweeping cultural, political, environmental, news media, and societal shifts have dramatically altered how we perceive the nation, the world, and ourselves. Completed, 2017.