Work Testimonials

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“Steve has been working with our company writing very up-to-date information in regards to the federal market for (federal) employees to know about any new changes in benefits, retirement planning ideas, and any federal employee news. … He also provides the columns in a way that are easy to read and follow and great SEO content to help boost our website page rankings.” 

Tom Hofferber, Annuity Marketing Director, My Fed Benefits.

“We have utilized Steve’s research, writing, and editing services on several occasions and found his work to be perfectly in line with our goals. He is accurate, his work is well researched, he is creative in his writing, and the work captured well our general tone and purpose. He was timely in his submittals and responsive to our comments and questions. I highly recommend Steve’s research, writing, and editing services.”

Marc Ross, Executive Director, Rock the Earth

“Steve and his group have ghost-written pieces for my agency that have been smart, thoroughly researched and thoughtfully written, all of which have been accepted by major publications. We use his firm when we have overflow work or topics out of our core competency.”  

Joanna Kulesa, Principal, Kulesa Faul Inc.

"Steve is one of the hardest-working writers I had the pleasure of managing when he worked at The Times-Tribune daily newspaper in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He doggedly pursued every assignment, juggled multiple stories and tasks, always hit his deadlines and is a skilled and talented writer. It is rare to find a reporter who both is an equally outstanding reporter and writer. Steve was both. 

His strong work ethic made him a highly valued employee and someone his editors always could count on to get the job done. Steve was a team player, filling in to cover other beats at the drop of a hat when needed, volunteering to work when shifts needed to be covered and helping newer reporters learn the ropes. Steve also was highly respected among sources in the community, as well as his co-workers, because he was such a fair and balanced reporter who made sure both sides of the story were reported."

Jessica Matthews, Metro Editor, The Scranton Times-Tribune

“As a business owner, I needed a well-written informative bio for my website and sought Guiding Type’s assistance. Guiding Type provided a bio that sets me apart within the industry.”

Courtney Gross, Owner, A Foot in the Door Consulting

"We were looking to refresh our website, logo and online image to really reflect our true passion. We were very excited about our new site and initiatives and the collaborative process with Steve. From the beginning, he took the time and initiative to really understand our business model. He has really taken seriously his role as our digital content writer. He is patient, diligent and extremely punctual. His creative insights, combined with superb writing skills make him a great guy to work with. I sincerely look forward to working with him again."

Prince Sinha, Head of Sales and Marketing, Vinfotech

“Guiding Type wrote-up an incredibly thorough marketing and social media strategy for my company. They did a ton of research to develop a strong plan to help me project my brand.” 

Ian Black, Lead Musician and Vocalist, The Blue Cry Band

“I requested the assistance of Guiding Type to review my professional management portfolio and was wildly impressed with the feedback and guidance I was provided. I would highly recommend reaching out to Guiding Type to review your writing sample(s). I was not sure what to expect as I was providing what I thought was a very odd type of writing sample, but they more than came through. Highly skilled and excellent service."

Maria Scopelliti, Practice Manager at Dartmouth-Hitchcock

“The work performed by Guiding Type is unlike any other; concise, punctual work with a personal touch. Steve’s attention to detail, his creative spark and focus on excellence result in a product that does not disappoint.”

Cari Reynolds, MPH BEST-CLI Trial Manager

“Steve is a former colleague whose dedication and commitment were always evident when he would stay late to work on important projects and news stories. Steve is not only a personable guy, he’s a talented writer with great editing and time-management skills. He is reliable and was always a pleasure to work with. “ 

Katie Sullivan, Washington Program Internship Coordinator at Penn State University

“Enterprising, creative, hard-working, fast and accurate are some of the adjectives that apply to Steve McConnell’s skill set. He is also a pleasure to work with and a truly nice guy.”

Ellen Coyle, Career Development Specialist at Mount Aloysius College

 “Steve’s tenacious drive to get results for whatever he does – investigate corruption, assist in writing dynamic stories or whatever his task – makes him a strong asset or partner for anyone looking for project success. I’ve known Steve for a few years dating to my Scranton days and learned quickly that he arrives early, stays late and focuses on both on big picture and details that make writing sparkle and pop. He won’t allow roadblocks to stop him from completing high-quality jobs on deadline. I highly recommend Steve for any professional endeavor. He’s the kind of person who makes things happen.”

Robbie Ward, Blogger, Huffington Post, Former Newspaper Reporter

 “Steve was initially assigned to be my mentor at the Times-Tribune when I was hired. I always found him to be an incredibly conscientious person who thrived while working on a high pressure beat. He’s a good writer, researcher and person.” 

Kyle Wind, Reporter at The Scranton Times-Tribune

 “I had the opportunity to interact with Steve on an almost daily basis as he covered the courts and crime sections of our local newspaper as a journalist.  Steve is an excellent writer and I know this will help him to succeed in your organization. I have no doubt in my mind that Steve is an ethical professional who has shown that he can analyze information quickly and accurately. … Steve is respected as both a person and a professional by attorneys, colleagues and the community.” 

Shane Scanlon, Lackawanna County District Attorney, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania

“From the very first moment I met Steve he impressed me. He struck me as a journalist with phenomenal critical thinking skills whose integrity is second to none. He and I would have discussions about complex legal and factual scenarios. Time and again Steve would reduce those conversations into an accurate recitation of our discussions through his writing. I trusted Steve and he never broke that trust. Steve was a journalist that I could speak to openly and knew that he would capture the very essence of my words without twisting those words for the benefit of a catchy headline or quote.” 

Matthew Slocum, Civil Defense Attorney, The Slocum Firm

“Steve was diligent, thorough, and placed heavy emphasis on accurately reporting both my words and the story as a whole. In my capacity as a criminal attorney, I have dealt with numerous reporters, none of whom were more reliable than Steve. In fact, he was the only reporter that I felt comfortable enough to share my personal cell phone number with. To me, this was a demonstration of his dedication to accuracy and impartiality.   Often, things may be said which we do not want publicized. Through my experience with other reporters, sometimes this line was crossed. However in my dealings with Steve, never once did he reveal things that were relayed to him in confidence.” 

Matthew Comerford, Criminal Defense Attorney, Scranton, Pennsylvania

"It is my pleasure to recommend Steven McConnell as an outstanding consultant. 

Servant Partners Press greatly benefited from Steven’s hard work, dedication to detail and quick follow-through. As a start-up press, we were in need of marketing energy, ideas, and understanding of our new industry sector. Steven quickly and effectively provided all of those. Without Steve’s drive we never would have attempted the amount of marketing avenues that we were able to in the time he was with us. Steven set up a beautiful, effective, and easy-to-maintain website, and he also increased our search views. He developed helpful social media training for our staff, and handed everything off in such a way that we could fully maintain that new level of platform engagement. Not only did our press quickly become more professional, but I enjoyed working with Steve to solve for the best long-term game-plan for the coming years. It was crucial to our early success to have Steven on the team. 

Bree Devones Hsieh, Publisher, Servant Partners Press